Nagi Sfeir and associatesNagi Sfeir and associates

House of Excellence – ABC Verdun

Nsanda Bose Dyson ABC Verdun 3 1900

House of Excellence – ABC Verdun

Location: Lebanon – ABC Verdun
Type: Interior – Showroom
Scope: Full design and supervision


The Client is a well-established company, representing a large variety of very high-end brands, such as Dyson, Bose, Joseph and Joseph, Kitchen Aids etc…

He has selected a prime location in ABC Verdun and has requested to us to create for him a new identity that will take under it the whole brands that he represents. The challenge was to create a strong image for him under the name of House of Excellence, while enhancing the display and the presence of each of his brands.

The architectural concept selected was to use the black and while, on the walls and ceiling that will be the link between all the elements, with a dedicated corner for each of them. The full transparency increases the perception of the shop in shop concept and fits the original requirements from the client

Project Manager:
Fayez Daaboul
RN- Consulting Engineers
ESC- Engineering Service and Consultancy

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